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Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 6

Progress around the floor with this intermediate 2Step course. You will master the Promenade to Alternating Follower/Leader Outside Turns with Open Release(Inside Turns were covered on V4), Promenade to Alternating Follower/Leader Outside Turns with Hand Change to Cape Position to Torque Turns with Open Release, Promenade to Alternating Follower/Leader Outside Turns with Overhead Behind the Back Hand Change to Advanced Skaters Position to Torque Turns with Open Release, Additional Leader Turns, and more Two-Step Moves & Patterns with ease.

Minutes of Online Dance Lessons

  • Level: Intermediate 60% 60%

As you progress with your 2-Step lessons, you’ll start accruing a bit of a repertoire of moves, but the question becomes how to string them together. This volume is where Shawn’s underlying focus as you master steps, technique, moves and patterns is on movement connections and how one position flows into the next. This is the 2-Step lesson where you and your partner make huge steps toward understanding lead and follow cues as you master the material under Shawn and Nicole’s tutelage.

As always during his country dance lessons, Shawn takes the time to give you valuable bonus material geared to take your newly acquired knowledge and honing it into artistry with a couple of options that will blow your socks off! Shawn’s 2-Step Moves & Patterns has proved to be just as addictive as the others as you take your dancing from good to spectacular over the course of a lesson.

WOW! The material in Trautman’s video is really good stuff. Trautman/Frye present a series of moves with inside and outside turns starting out of the promenade position, working through torques and open releases, and eventually incorporate a windmill maneuver. When Frye, a national champion, pauses, looks at the camera, and says of the windmill maneuver, “it looks really fancy”, you know you can take that to the bank! In his usual style, Trautman patiently walks you through the leads for each move, giving specific instructions for body/hand/foot positioning, which ultimately means you CAN lead this (guys), and follow this (gals) very successfully. On the back end of the video there is bonus material to challenge you. This material gives you an opportunity to come back, once you have the basic leads and steps down, to refine the moves in the pattern to produce an even more fluid and polished look. I’m not saying that my dance partner and I picked it all up the first time through, but we worked diligently through the material, used the moves at our next country dance night, and had immediate and positive feedback from people who were there. To me, that is the ultimate endorsement.

– Jazuumba